Optimize the use of parking space

About CarLot

Right now, when a driver looks for an available parking space, he or she has to usually go around the entire parking lot in search for the available spot. It is often time consuming, especially during rush hours or when there is a limited number of parking lots available.

Use of GPS is not required as the sensors are used to determine drivers' location by measuring their position against different devices. This is especially important in the city centres, as the app, will not only be able to determine the shortest route to a particular parking space, but also guide the driver directly to that spot. Our solution helps drivers to find an empty spot right away and optimizes their driving path in real time. Thanks to our sensors – installed in the parking spaces, the only requirement for the driver is our smartphone app or the dedicated built-in dashboard app.

We also offer a SaaS platform for the parking owners. The platform will allow for guiding the drivers to the best shopping centres, improving the customer acquisition. On top of that, it will ease the traffic jams caused by customers who are leaving the parking lots.

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